Nectar rewards profitable Oxfam donations

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on April 10, 2013

Nectar rewards profitable Oxfam donations

In the United Kingdom, Nectar and international development charity Oxfam have teamed up to offer donors to the charity 2 Nectar points for every £1 their donated items raise.

The new partnership will see customers being able to collect Nectar points for items they donate to Oxfam shops. The initiative aims to raise millions of pounds for Oxfam's work fighting poverty around the world.

Nectar customers who sign up to 'Tag Your Bag', Oxfam's Gift Aid scheme (Gift Aid allows charities to reclaim the 25% tax on donations by UK taxpayers), will earn 2 points for every £1 their donated items raise when sold in Oxfam shops or online. As an added incentive, members also receive 100 bonus points when they first sign up for the programme.

According to James Frost, Nectar's marketing director, "Not only does this provide customers with a way to boost their points balances, but it is also a valuable incentive to drive much needed, quality donations to Oxfam."

Sarah Farquhar, head of retail brand for Oxfam, added: "We're always looking for good quality donations, and this initiative should allow us to engage with an entirely new audience. Collecting Nectar points in this way is exclusive to Oxfam and we are aiming to raise millions of pounds from the scheme."

Customers can sign up to Tag Your Bag in any Oxfam shop or via the charity's web site. They then receive a welcome pack which includes a number of identifying tags, one of which must be attached to each bag of donated goods before being dropped off at an Oxfam store.

Oxfam will then process all donations, adding a unique code to each item to ensure that sales can be tracked back to the individual donor, allowing points to be rewarded whenever an item is sold.

First launched in September 2012, the partnership with Oxfam has so far allowed Nectar collectors to spend their points on gifts through Oxfam Unwrapped (Oxfam's poverty-busting gift ideas programme).

Nectar is owned by global loyalty management firm Aimia. In 2012, Nectar celebrated 10 years of rewarding British shoppers and has given back £2 billion worth of rewards to its 19 million+ collectors.

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