New cellphone-based loyalty platform launches

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on July 13, 2006

New cellphone-based loyalty platform launches

Some four out of five adults in the US own a mobile phone and many of them carry them almost all the time - so the time is ripe for the mobile to replace the plastic card as the token in loyalty programmes, according to Bensur Creative Marketing Group (BCMG).

BCMG has developed a loyalty platform that combines shopper loyalty programmes, store-branded credit cards and mobile phones into what is considered by many consumers to be a highly valued asset - their mobile phone.

The programme, called M-Shop, enables consumers to receive coupons and discounts on their mobile phone, via text messages, and to integrate shopping lists, recipes and meal plans, to participate in store contests, and to take part in sweepstakes in real-time.

Consumer benefits M-Shop also has a digital coupon redemption feature, in which the store clerk physically scans a coupon from the screen of a mobile phone for redemption at the point of sale.

Unlike plastic card-based loyalty programmes, consumers who join an M-Shop driven loyalty programme gain the ability to access real-time special offers and deals, download recipes while standing in a supermarket aisle, redeem their digital coupons at the point-of-sale, and complete transactions with a store-branded credit card using nothing but their mobile phone handset.

Airtime rewards Programme members earn free mobile phone airtime as a reward for using the programme when they go shopping. The service is compatible with most mobile phones and service providers.

M-Shop can be tied to an existing loyalty programme, so the customer's mobile phone becomes not only a payment device but also their frequent shopper card. The loyalty programme operator can then use M-Shop to tailor specific profile-driven offers that cater to various customer segments.

According to BCMG account director Kevin Seeker, "The mobile phone allows you to extend your brand experience through text messaging, mobile coupons, opt-in targeted multimedia broadcasts, screen savers, ringtones, sweepstakes, games and more."

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