New loyalty platform for IBM's chain store POS system

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on June 24, 2005

New loyalty platform for IBM's chain store POS system

The retail automation software provider Retail Technologies Corporation (RTC), in partnership with Agilysys Inc., has launched a new real-time customer loyalty rewards module for IBM's Chain Sales POS system for retail chains.

The new loyalty rewards system enables retail chains to offer real-time customer-specific rewards throughout enterprise-wide computer network. It allows retailers to get to know their customers better and reward them for their loyalty, providing the tools needed to manage targeted pricing promotions, electronic coupon generation, targeted customer messages, and a variety of customer loyalty programmes.

Mag-stripes or bar codes The system supports the use of a customer loyalty card using either a magnetic stripe or a barcode - currently the two most common identification methods. When the card is swiped or scanned at the point-of-sale (POS), the system sends a request to the customer loyalty database server and retrieves the customer's purchase history, along with any special promotions for which the customer may be eligible.

Because the system runs from a central database, accessed via the company's existing wide area network (WAN), customer data can be accessed from any store in real time. In addition, this infrastructure means that the retailer can also set up internet-based or physical kiosk touch points where customers can interact with the loyalty programme.

Key element RTC's new POS-based loyalty solution is a key element of the company's StoreMS Application Suite, which includes point-of-sale, customer loyalty rewards, gift card, and integrated credit/debit/cheque authorisation features. According to RTC, one as-yet-unnamed major retailer has already announced a new customer loyalty programme using the technology.

According to Bruce Hicks, president and CEO for RTC: "This solution provides IBM Chain Sales application customers with the ability to implement a robust customer relationship management (CRM) tool at an affordable price." Robert Bailey, executive vice president for Agilysys, added, "This customised solution not only offers an attractive price point for new customers but also improves performance, provides additional capacity and reduces hardware and software maintenance costs for existing customers."

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