New NPS benchmarks for cross-cultural B2B

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Posted on May 22, 2009

New NPS benchmarks for cross-cultural B2B

The Net Promoter and customer experience programme provider Satmetrix has published the '2008 B2B Cross-Cultural Net Promoter Benchmarks' report for the EMEA region, compiled from a global database of web-based customer relationship surveys from 28 B2B companies in the computer hardware, software, consulting, telecoms and manufacturing industries.

This report was developed to help business-to-business (B2B) companies benchmark their own Net Promoter Scores and customer experience performance against their peers in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

"As more organisations continue to increase their focus on delivering a superior customer experience, this data can help them benchmark their performance and understand the impact of cultural bias across regions," explained Martin Green, vice president (EMEA) for Satmetrix.

A company's Net Promoter Score (NPS) is based on customers' likelihood to recommend the company's product or service, on a scale from 0 to 10. NPS is calculated as the percentage of customers who are Promoters (9-10 on the scale), minus the percentage who are Detractors (0-6). In the study, business customers answered the question of likelihood to recommend and rated each company on eight aspects of customer experience including Value/ROI, account management, ease of doing business and product reliability, allowing Satmetrix to analyse drivers of loyalty and performance gaps for each region and country.

Highlights from the benchmark report include:

  • When compared to other regional benchmarks conducted across North America, Latin America and Asia Pacific, EMEA's average Net Promoter Score is lower than the Americas but not statistically different to APAC;  
  • Israel has the highest average country Net Promoter Score in the EMEA region. Average Net Promoter Scores in the Western European countries tend to be negative but are nonetheless represented by a wide range of scores;  
  • One Nordic country exhibits the lowest score in the EMEA region. In fact, that country not only exhibits the lowest score in the region but is among the lowest scores across the globe;  
  • Overall key driver analysis results indicate that satisfaction with Account Management is the single most important determinant of the likelihood that European B2B customers will recommend a company, with the exception of customers in Russia and Eastern Europe (who hold Value/ROI to be the most important determinant of their likelihood to recommend).

The report provides insight into the range of scores in each country for both NPS and the key satisfaction drivers of customer loyalty, allowing companies to effectively map the terrain of cultural bias. The full benchmark report has been made available for purchase directly from Satmetrix (US$2,995) - click here.

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