New online community to share luxury best practices

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on March 2, 2007

New online community to share luxury best practices

The US-based Luxury Institute has announced the opening of a membership-based online community for luxury goods and services executives, professionals and entrepreneurs, called 'The Luxury Board'.

The Luxury Board's web site was designed to gather and share the collective business knowledge of luxury professionals from around the world, to provide members with access to research, ratings, and reports from The Luxury Institute.

Paid-for membership Qualified luxury professionals can join as individuals, regardless of their luxury category, affiliation or employment with any specific firm. Annual professional membership dues are US$995.

The Luxury Board aims to provide a range of benefits, such as:

  • Access to the Luxury Institute's database of proprietary research, including summaries of wealthy consumer ratings for hundreds of luxury brands, wealthy consumer surveys, newsletters, and secondary research on global wealth and luxury.  
  • Best Practices and Benchmarking Surveys and Polls conducted with a global database of thousands of luxury executives, professionals and entrepreneurs.  
  • Member-initiated collaborative projects, functional and multi-functional work groups, blogs and member-generated content.  
  • Member peer-to-peer ratings of suppliers, vendors, consultants and other providers to the global luxury goods and services industry.  
  • An opportunity to network, share stories, build relationships and referrals online and offline with successful luxury goods and services industry practitioners.  
  • A commercial-free environment in which members interact, share and exchange experience-based knowledge with trust, privacy and security.  
  • An Executive Search facility in which members can post their resumes and view career opportunities focused on the global luxury goods and services industry.

By popular demand... "The Luxury Goods and Services industry is tremendously large globally but has always been artificially fragmented into silos," explained Milton Pedraza, CEO for The Luxury Institute. "Over the years, the Luxury Institute has received countless inquiries from luxury professionals asking for membership access to its research, and an independent online community where stories, business insights and best practices can be shared by members."

According to Pedraza, the Luxury Board aims to offer luxury professionals - regardless of their industry sector - best practices and insights at a much lower cost than having independent research and consulting conducted. Members also have the opportunity to meet and collaborate with their peers both online and offline.

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