New private label loyalty scheme for non-profits

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on March 31, 2005

A new programme from Vesdia should help non-profit organisations attract new donors as well as make it easier for existing donors to make their contributions. Rebates on shopping from over 500 merchants can be automatically donated.

Vesdia Corporation has launched a new non-profit fundraising programme called FundraiserRewards. Through the programme, participants earn shopping rebates at more than 500 online, bricks-and-mortar, and catalogue retailers. Merchant rebates are tracked from the point of purchase and automatically donated to virtually any charity, church, school or other non-profit organisation of the cardholder's choosing.

According to a report by Financial Research Corporation, rebate programmes like FundraiserRewards have the potential to capture more than US$21.7 billion annually in eligible shopping transactions, representing an incremental US$1.1 billion per year in aggregate rebates.

Key advantages
While there are various types of fundraising methods already available to non-profits, the FundraiserRewards programme also provides:

  • Co-brand or private label:
    Vesdia can co-brand or private label the programme. When implemented as a client-branded programme, all Vesdia branding is subservient to the client brand, or eliminated entirely. Vesdia simply serves as the turnkey supplier of the merchant network, application hosting, transaction processing, and customer service.
  • More ways to earn
    In addition to featuring the ability to shop and earn through multiple channels online, in-store, and via catalogue retailers, the programme also provides the ability to earn rebates through everyday services (satellite television; local, long distance and cellular phone services) and large purchases (financing the purchase of a home, buying or selling real estate, etc.). In addition, FundraiserRewards participants will soon be able to exchange the value of miles and points from more than a dozen airline and hotel frequent flyer and loyalty programmes into their FundraiserRewards accounts.
  • Breadth of donation options
    The programme enables participants to support virtually any charity, church, school or other non-profit organisation; from the largest global relief fund to the smallest Boy Scout troop. Thousands of non-profits are contained in the programme's directory. Participants can even choose to distribute their rebates among multiple causes.

According to Peter Davis, CEO of Vesdia Corporation: "The FundraiserRewards 'shop and donate' concept will not only provide non-profit organisations with the ability to garner incremental contributions from their existing supporters, it will also attract entirely new supporters who did not have the means or inclination to make contributions in the past."

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