Nfinite Raises $15 Million Series a Funding To Enable Next-generation E-commerce Merchandizing and Provide Future On-ramp to the Metaverse

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on February 14, 2022

- nfinite SaaS platform and 3D rendering innovation gives rapid access to next-generation e-commerce and merchandising
- Customers report a 20% increase in cart conversion and a 90% reduction in visual production cost
- nfinite platform provides retailers with bridge to the Metaverse

New York, February 3, 2022 - nfinite, an innovator in next-generation visualization and e-commerce merchandizing, has raised $15 million in Series A funding led by USVP (US Venture Partners). The funding will be used to accelerate development of the nfinite SaaS 3D visualization platform and to scale the company’s operations in North America. nfinite experienced ten-fold AAR (annual recurring revenue) growth in 2021 spurred by rapid platform adoption in North America including the onboarding of three of the world’s top five largest retailers.

Said USVP General Partner Dafina Toncheva, who has now joined the nfinite board, “The e-commerce and merchandizing categories are facing radical and rapid change. Under Alexandre de Vigan’s leadership, the company has already gained a strong competitive barrier to entry in the fast-emerging space. We are looking forward to helping nfinite scale and navigate what we believe will be hockey-stick growth trajectory.”

Said nfinite founder and CEO Alexandre de Vigan, "Our SaaS platform and GCI innovation gives retailers and brands in beauty, CPG (consumer packaged goods), and home living markets immediate access to next-generation e-commerce and merchandizing. It has already proven to increase web traffic and cart conversation materially while decreasing digital production costs. Moreover, the long-term potential for nfinite to provide a vital on-ramp for the emerging Metaverse represents far-reaching growth potential for our future.”

The nfinite SaaS Visuals Content platform eliminates the physical, technical, complexity, scaling, and budgetary challenges typically linked to visual production. With advanced CGI technology, the nfinite platform allows retailers and brands to create, display, and manage unlimited product visuals. The platform already provides visual assets compatible with Web2 and Web3 applications. As marketing teams begin to explore the future potential of the Metaverse, ensuring their visual assets are compatible with the intense 3D visualization and search engine requirements will enable a smooth transition and on-ramp for retailers and brands.

About nfinite
nfinite is a SaaS Visuals Content platform that helps retailers grow their business. We offer a turnkey solution for creating, displaying, and managing unlimited product visuals through one seamless interface. Simplifying and scaling CGI technology, the nfinite platform enables companies to cut costs, lift logistical constraints, and accelerate their time to market. With unlimited visual production capacity, companies can enter the world of endless visual combinations, interactive experiences, and real-time personalized content. Visit nfinite.app for more information.

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