Nintendo launches online loyalty programme

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on December 20, 2003

Nintendo launches online loyalty programme

The console gaming giant, Nintendo America, has launched a three-tiered customer loyalty programme which rewards players for participation in the firm's interactive web site, while soliciting feedback on Nintendo systems and games.

The programme's first free reward is the game, The Legend of Zelda, Collector's Edition, which programme members can obtain by registering their Nintendo GameCube online, along with ownership of any two of the firm's holiday game titles. George Harrison, vice president of marketing for Nintendo America, believes that "Nintendo players around the world exhibit a level of dedication and loyalty that is unmatched."

The new loyalty programme gives Nintendo the opportunity to communicate more easily with its millions of customers, and allows special promotional offers or awards to be granted as a result of web site participation. The programme offers three levels of membership:

  1. My Nintendo: All visitors to the web site can become registered 'My Nintendo' members by providing their e-mail and home address. These members may participate in surveys or forums and subscribe to value-added services such as e-newsletters.  
  2. NSiders: By registering at least one game title on the site, members can gain 'NSider' status. This gives them access to hidden game content, cheat codes, and other information intended to reward them for their loyalty.  
  3. Sage: Based on frequent participation and feedback at the 'NSider' level, the most dedicated customers may be offered 'Sage' membership, bringing them into an inner circle of influencers who can retrieve premium content, moderate forums, and preview new games.

"The new web site will enable us to strengthen our relationships with our valued customers," commented Dan Owsen, online manager for Nintendo of America. "A higher level of feedback provided by our fans will give us a better view of what they want, which will in turn help us tailor future marketing campaigns, customer service outreach, and even new products to meet their needs."

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