No more Gold Points, but Gold Points Plus stays

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on January 7, 2008

No more Gold Points, but Gold Points Plus stays

The Gold Points Reward Network, operated by Gold Points Corporation, a subsidiary of Carlson Marketing Worldwide, has announced changes in its operation to 'better serve its major partners and their customers', resulting in the programme ceasing points-issuing activities from 1st April 2008.

Although the programme will stop issuing new points in April, the company was keen to point out that points redemption opportunities will continue as before, so that points already earned by members will not be cancelled or wasted.

Re-focused marketing efforts Both Carlson Hotels and restaurant operator T.G.I. Friday's (which are the two main partners within the Gold Points Reward Network) have decided to re-focus their marketing efforts.

Carlson Hotels recently left the network and updated its own existing GoldPoints Plus frequent guest programme to focus more on hotel and travel rewards for the company's own current and future members (see 11 Dec. 2007). At the same time, T.G.I. Friday's is now working with Carlson Marketing to introduce a new frequent diner programme (to be launched in early 2008) which will be more relevant and focused on the company's most loyal customers.

Points maintained A statement by Carlson Marketing confirmed that "No members of the Gold Points Reward Network will lose any of their accumulated points. They will be able to redeem their points for merchandise and gift cards through the Gold Points Reward Network Award Catalogue web site."

Communications have already been sent to all Gold Points Reward Network members to notify them of the changes to the programme. Members who have any remaining questions about the changes being made are being encouraged to contact the Gold Points Reward Network either through its web site, by e-mail, or through the programme's call centre.

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