North Star BP launches GraphiCard-based 'Advantage Club'

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on November 9, 2002

North Star BP launches GraphiCard-based 'Advantage Club'

A new customer rewards programme, based on Visible Results' thermo-chromic GraphiCard platform, is to be rolled out by US-based North Star BP in three Michigan locations: Calumet, Houghton and Allouez. The new 'Advantage Club' aims to reinforce the company's recently changed identity, while rewarding its loyal customers with prizes from a member catalogue.

Advantage Club members earn one point for every US$1 spent on either fuel or convenience store products, and double points are earned for purchases made with BP credit cards. As a launch promotion, North Star BP is awarding new members 25 bonus points for enrolling in the programme during the first week.

The programme is based on the patented GraphiCard CRM-based loyalty system from Visible Results USA. Members' cards are inserted into a smart point-of-sale terminal during each transaction, and the thermo-chromic process updates the front of the card to display points, prizes, adverts and offers. The terminal also prints customised coupons and other similar incentives as each transaction is completed.

A re-writeable magnetic strip incorporated into the back of the card stores specific data about transactions as they occur, turning it into a self-contained database that eliminates the need for massive systems integration, while encouraging repeated use and customer loyalty.

Rewards Jon Marson, president of North Star BP, has secured over 40 types of rewards for the member catalogue from local businesses. "We developed the rewards catalogue with our regular customers in mind, and the response from the community has been fantastic," he noted.

Points may currently be redeemed for items such as value meals from Burger King, DVD players from Kirkish Furniture, sports equipment from Keweenaw Motor Sports, an oil-and-filter change from the Fast Track Lube Centre, six-inch subs from the local Subway fast food restaurant, and branded clothing from Michigan Tech. Other prizes are also available from Deforge Auto, Herman Jewelers, Country Cottage Jewelers, Perkins Family Restaurant, Jim's Pizza in Calumet, Sayen's Auto Sales, and North Star BP itself.

Launch promotion As an extra bonus, members have the chance to win an instant prize every time they use their Advantage Card in-store. Vendors and suppliers have provided over 4,000 prizes for distribution during the first three months of the programme, including Pepsi products, Frito Lay chips, Coke products, Nestle candy bars, Burger King menu items, cappuccinos, and even car washes from the Wilderness Car Wash.

"We wanted to give our regular customers something different, which is why we chose the Visible Results platform," explained Marson. "Displaying the point totals and results of the instant win games on the card after every transaction adds excitement for our members. It also allows us to advertise new products, new rewards and new programme partners very easily."

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