NZ airline launches novel frequent flyer programme

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on April 18, 2006

NZ airline launches novel frequent flyer programme

The New Zealand-based regional airline Origin Pacific has launched a loyalty programme with a difference for its frequent flyers, based on the GraphiCard customer loyalty and CRM platform from Visible Results.

Known as Origin Flyer, the new addition to the airline's existing incentive programmes was designed to directly address two of the major complaints that many travellers have about frequent flyer programmes: administrative transparency, and the immediacy and visibility of rewards.

According to Origin Pacific, a key strength of the programme is that the free flight coupons are fully transferable, and can be used for any 'Just Go' seat for any destination to which Origin Pacific flies.

Earning free flights With each flight check-in, the card's front is updated to provide a status report, tracking the member's progress toward the next reward (1 free flight for every 12 one-way flights or six return flights). All Origin Pacific check-in desks will be equipped with card terminals compatible with the GraphiCard.

Members will also receive extra awards and discount vouchers for travel-related products and services when they sign up for Origin Flyer, as well as on selected flights.

The technology Origin Airlines worked with loyalty services provider Visible Results (part of The Atlantis Group) to create the programme, which uses a thermochromic card that is thermally re-written to present new information (on the face of the card) each time it is used.

With Visible Results' point-of-sale technology employed for the programme, using the re-writable GraphiCard, means that passengers will see their rewards and loyalty programme updates instantly, at the time they fly.

Good timing According to Origin Pacific's executive chairman, Robert Inglis, "The Origin Flyer launch coincides with the recent emergence from a period of aero-political uncertainty in New Zealand that has held back the airline's development." Inglis said that he is confident that Origin Flyer will strengthen its passenger business, and play a critical role in strengthening the company's status as a regional airline.

Visible Results president, Michael Whittaker, added: "The Origin Flyer programme - using the same technology that helped boost business for Body Shop, Caltex, Virgin Entertainment and Budweiser - will help position Origin Pacific as a company committed to rewarding frequent flyers." Visible Results works with clients in the retail, mass-merchandising and shopping centre sectors throughout Australia, New Zealand, USA, UK, Asia and the Middle East.

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