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Could this be the oldest B2B Loyalty program in the world?

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on March 2, 2018

30 years ago Priority Partnership was launched to reward customers for purchasing products, to provide product information, offer product specials and much more. More than likely this is New Zealand’s longest running loyalty program, to the extent that Priority Partnership is now an institution within the farming community.

By Wise Marketer Staff

Today, Priority Partnership members nationwide receive special product and service information through the program, access customised reward specials and redeem from more than 5,000 reward offerings to excite and delight … everything from international travel to the latest technology and even gumboot driers!

Priority Partnership members have been members of the program for more than 19 years on average. They are highly engaged with over 90% annual points earn to spend (earn vs. burn ratio). Priority Partnership e-communications are also 60% more likely to be viewed by customers than standard marketing eDM communications.

Nufarm’s sales and marketing team now have full 24/ 7 visibility and detailed reporting on their customers purchase behaviour. This is highly important as Nufarm sells via diverse national merchant/ retailer channels.  The available data and insights offer better decision making and closer customer relationships, so Nufarm can continue to grow a better tomorrow with their customers.

Improving efficiency, service and functionality for Nufarm

Originally Priority Partnership was delivered in house by Nufarm then partially outsourced to a 3rd party provider. Incentive Solutions Ltd. (ISL), New Zealand’s largest provider of B2B loyalty solutions, took on partial program management in 2007. With Incentive Control (IC), the loyalty program management platform operated by ISL, Priority Partnership was taken to the cloud at a time when many local B2B programs were still spreadsheet based. The platform enabled Nufarm sales and marketing teams to have access to detailed member and sales information and customized reporting from any location.  Because of the platform, Nufarm now had full program control and visibility at a fraction of the technical and manpower cost.

In the following years, ISL was asked to take over full management of Priority Partnership allowing Nufarm to focus directly on their core business. The ISL team works closely with Nufarm’s marketing and sales teams to deliver regular promotions, members specials and tactical activity to support Nufarm's customer loyalty and sales goals.

Today a Nufarm customer can purchase from almost any national agricultural and farming supplies merchants and smaller independent retailers to earn their points.

Incentive Solutions collects, collates and cross references data from all available merchants. The odd, very small, rural retailer may even send faxes which are manually entered. The ability to leverage customer data, develop insights and offerings to better serve customers is an important tool for Nufarm.

As Nufarm operates through national merchant/ retailer channels the Priority Partnership Members Services team and program communications created an important link between Nufarm and their end user customers across New Zealand. As well as working with the merchant channel on data collection and troubleshooting customer and merchant queries.

Nufarm choose to partner with Incentive Solutions because of their market leadership position business performance improvement, sales performance and behavioural change programs. Delivered primarily through business to business incentive programs, loyalty marketing, consumer loyalty and employee reward and recognition programs, Incentive Solutions has over 20 years of experience creating, delivering and managing market leading programs across New Zealand and Australia. Their north American subsidiary, Reward Paths, operates consumer loyalty programs in the USA, Canada and Jamaica.

A New Zealand Farming institution

Nufarm has operations in New Zealand, Australia, Asia, Europe and the Americas and for over 100 years has been serving New Zealand’s farming and agricultural community. Starting out as a fertiliser company, Nufarm now provides a full range of crop protection products for farmers and growers, including herbicides, insecticides, fungicides and plant growth regulators.