Once-in-a-lifetime extreme rewards service launched

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on August 2, 2006

Once-in-a-lifetime extreme rewards service launched

The Hospitality Group (THG) has launched a 'Tailored & Extreme Events Division' which will provide exceptional and luxurious once-in-a-lifetime corporate rewards and hospitality, focusing on 'die-hard, play-hard, thrill seeking activities'.

THG decided to expand its services into non-traditional tailored and extreme adventure hospitality services, offering excursions that promise to leave corporate guests "absolutely breathless".

The options for aspirational loyalty programme rewards are almost endless, and the customer relationships forged by providing such extreme, highly-personalised redemption options would be hard to break.

Extreme rewards Just a few examples of the kind of events that THG can arrange include:

  • PGA Golf THG will arrange for a PGA touring pro to golf for you and your guests, creating a very personal "championship golfing highlight" experience.  
  • Zip-lining Experience the thrill of a lifetime by "zip-lining" in the midst of Costa Rica's jungle tree-canopies and the Amazon's rainforest, or across the spectacular, panoramic gorges of northern Oregon and British Columbia. Zip-lining is an activity in which a participant straps on a harness or sits in a chair that is hooked on a large cable. The cable links two destinations; a starting point and an ending point - often over a river, gorge, or between two mountains.  
  • Winery tours Experience the rich wine traditions of Europe and visit the Loire Valley's Chateau country region in France, the Rheingau, and the Moselle by travelling through the vineyards and villages of some of the most famous wine regions of the Old World. Taste exquisite wines along the Danube, while you also visit some of Europe's most beautiful cities and historic towns. Follow the Rhine through Germany, Holland, France and Switzerland, all the time tasting the vintages of Alsace, Burgundy and Beaujolais.  
  • Fighter pilots Learn to fly the SIAI Marchetti SF260 and find out what it is actually like to climb into the cockpit and pilot a fighter plane in a mock aerial dogfight.  
  • Serengeti plains safari Follow big game across the Serengeti plains of Africa, climb Tanzania's Mount Kilimanjaro, trek mountain gorillas in the dense Ugandan forests, observe a watering hole and spot elephants, giraffe, lions, zebras, cheetahs and antelopes, see the world's biggest waterfall at Zimbabwe's Victoria Falls, witness millions of flamingos at Lake Nakuru, or the glorious yearly migration of the wildebeests. Choose between tented camps or one of the famous lodges frequented by Hemingway and Roosevelt.  
  • Yachting Sail the seas with an exclusive private charter. Enjoy unlimited caviar and champagne while sailing aboard the Seadream, the Aristotle Onassis or the Christina O.  
  • Private island resorts Luxurious private island resorts: Richard Branson's Necker Island in Virgin Gorda, Musha Cay in the Exumas, Isle Mustique in the Grenadines or the Seychelles' Fregate Island.

And the list goes on. THG provides each client with fully tailored events that aim to create "life altering memories". The Wise Marketer notes that no free samples have yet been offered to the loyalty marketing community...

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