One advantage of getting older - from Walgreens

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on April 1, 2002

One advantage of getting older - from Walgreens

A new programme from Walgreens gives back older customers ten percent of the money they spend on prescriptions.

As drugs become more complex and expensive, many older members of the population - those who probably need medicines more than most - are finding it increasingly difficult to pay for them. Years of inflation have eroded fixed incomes and not everyone is fortunate enough to carry insurance or qualify for government aid.

Now, new and refill prescriptions will be cheaper for older customers of the US-based Walgreens chain of pharmacies.  Using the new Walgreens Senior Dividends card, customers  of 55 and older who don't have a prescription insurance card and don't participate in a government assistance plan will earn a credit each time they have a prescription dispensed. Ten percent of the retail price of the medicines will be added to the balance on the card, which can be used to pay for any puchases at a Walgreens store - except on selected items where prohibited by law. Membership of the programme is free.

Walgreens is also taking part in Pfizer's Living Share Card programme (which allows low-income seniors who don't have prescription insurance to pay a flat fee of US$15 for all eligible Pfizer products) and in Eli Lilly's LillyAnswers programme (which provides eligible Eli Lilly products for a flat fee of US$12). The chain also accepts discount cards from Glaxo and Novartis.

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