One-to-one digital print & web marketing adds to loyalty

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on March 13, 2007

The Israel-based international one-to-one marketing agency SEGMarketing has been developing pure one-to-one variable digital printing and web-based concepts alongside its loyalty marketing platform, having recently created successful print and web-based campaigns that seamlessly treat consumers as individuals based on their customer profile.

The company produced not only web-based variable content for each customer but also individually tailored content in a printed magazine format. The elements that changed for each customer included images, copy, and page design, with each being decided automatically according to the customer's specific behavioural and demographic data.

The personal touch
The company recently ran such a campaign for a major fashion chain, and has also launched campaigns for a Jewellery retailer in Phoenix, Arizona, USA. In this example, the web site produces customised imagery, sales copy, and offers according to the customer's profile. The level of innovation impressed The Wise Marketer's editors - and here are some personalised examples of the technology used for the Moda Fina campaign:

The personalised page shows a red gift-wrapped box which, when clicked, presents the customer with a one-to-one gift offering (in this example a US$200 gift certificate). And for a truly personal touch, The Wise Marketer was particularly impressed with personalised image number four (in the numbered links under the main picture), which spells out the customer's name in diamonds.

For the Moda Fina campaign, SEGMarketing used a multi-channel one-to-one methodology which followed through from personal digital direct mail, through to a personally tailored web site including personalised content, through to physical store follow up.

Multi-channel customisation
And the technique can be applied equally well in multiple channels, including print, web sites, and e-mail.

According to SEGMarketing's managing director, Rafi Albo, "There are endless possibilities for companies around the world to adopt this approach. In fact, it can be used by any company that has data about its customers."

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