One-to-one e-mail produces 1,537% response gain

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Posted on April 3, 2007 and Hewlett-Packard recently ran a personalised e-mail campaign to support their multi-channel marketing efforts for a joint business education centre, and course enrolments increased by over 1,500%.

Developed to provide online content that drives brand loyalty and increased e-commerce revenue, the Business Learning Center provides courses, white papers, how-to guides and various technical tips designed to strengthen its users' skills in areas such as small business management, personal finance and technology (see

Campaign goals
Following the launch of the online learning centre, set about creating a comprehensive e-mail marketing campaign with e-mail marketing service provider Silverpop. The goals of the campaign were to increase web site registrations, to enhance consumers' affinity for both brands, and to provide new merchandising opportunities.

Two-stage approach sent two e-mails. The first was a dedicated message to existing members and other prospects, inviting them to explore the Business Learning Center first-hand. Those registering received an enrolment confirmation message providing a personalised welcome message, links to detailed course descriptions, enrolment procedures, and frequently asked questions.

The second e-mail was sent to those who responded to the first. Those who had enrolled were sent another e-mail offering them the chance to enter a sweepstake to win HP notebooks, pocket PCs, and laser printers. The results were, as Silverpop's vice president of strategy, Elaine O'Gorman, put it, "phenomenal": Following the second e-mail, course enrolments increased by 1,537%.

Post-course findings
Upon completing any learning centre course, all students are invited to complete a simple survey to help improve course offerings and gather feedback on overall satisfaction levels.

Interestingly, 90% of survey respondents said that they would enrol in future courses, while 84% said they would recommend the Business Learning Center to a friend. And 23% of survey respondents reported a recent HP purchase, and 50% said they were more likely to make such a purchase following their course.

Tighter targeting
According to Bruce Rogers,'s vice president of marketing, "E-mail allowed us to target prospects and reach out to them on a one-to-one basis, which enhanced and boosted other marketing efforts."

Silverpop provided the permission-based e-mail marketing software, strategy and services for the campaign. The company operates from offices in the United States and United Kingdom, helping marketers to cultivate and maintain long-term relationships with customers and partners using e-mail as a relationship-building tool.

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