Online banking: how much more can it improve?

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Posted on April 9, 2002

Online banking: how much more can it improve?

Improved online banking facilities including automated 'low account balance' e-mails have been unveiled by Huntington Bancshares. The new service also provides customers with instant web-based bill payments, money transfers, account balances, transaction histories, cheque image viewing and integration with customers' financial management software.

Huntington's online banking system, which is powered by Corillian Voyager and e-Bank systems, aims to make online banking easier and more reliable. It also allows Huntington to utilise its key technology investments made over the past four years - such as networking, imaging, messaging and CRM systems.

"We are excited to unveil our new online banking service to our customers," said Tom O'Hara, senior vice president of Huntington. "We are already receiving many positive customer comments about the new offering... Corillian and e-Bank implementation teams worked with us every step of the way as we determined the best way to improve our web banking service."

Better returns on IT The new system improves the return on investment for existing and future IT systems because it creates a strategic infrastructure for the long-term. It also does away with a lot of complex infrastructure by building business rules and enterprise-wide information into a single engine. In this way it can focus on customer interaction and analysis for a real-time picture of each customer, and also on providing a central source focused on 24/7 transaction handling and availability.

The benefits of the technology Corillian's systems are customisable, offering seamless integration with customer services and real-time reporting systems. Corillian provides Huntington with customer cheque imaging, secure messaging and same-day bill payments. "As one of the pioneers in providing online banking services, it is critical for Huntington to provide the most innovative and reliable e-Finance services to its customers," comments Ted Spooner, CEO of Corillian.

The e-Bank software gave Huntington the ability to make use of its legacy software systems by integrating customer information, which has led to a consistent 'customer experience' across all channels. It provided a customer management solution that integrated all the delivery channels, and reduced the complexity and cost of the IT systems involved.

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