Online digital vouchers for customised reward programmes

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on April 8, 2002

Online digital vouchers for customised reward programmes

A new online digital reward manager programme has been launched by internet gift certificate and employee reward provider, The online award management system is fully customisable for clients' own branded award programmes.

'Circle of Merit' is the standard programme offering at, the new reward and incentive arm of

Issuing awards For companies with small award needs, and the desire to internally manage and control the issuing of awards, the Circle of Merit Rewards Manager Interface provides the answer. Programme managers can simply create an account at the CorporateRewards web site and use it to manage their account. Payments can be made into the system with any corporate credit card, and awards can be issued as either virtual or physical certificates. A customised online reporting system allows programme managers to keep track of awards and funding activity, with reports that can be printed or downloaded as spreadsheet documents.

For those companies with fewer award needs, Circle of Merit has an ExpressAward system which doesn't require them to set up an account. Companies issuing awards infrequently can use this service to send up to twenty virtual or physical awards at a time, with payment being made by credit card.

The universal gift certificate system allows issuers to send awards in a variety of forms: e-mailed virtual awards, physical award certificates or even 'print-your-own' award certificates which the recipient prints out from their own web browser.

Redeeming the awards Recipients of award certificates can redeem their awards at the exclusive Circle of Merit award centre at There they are able to:·  buy goods at a variety of online stores;·  trade awards for national retailer gift cards;·  buy goods from a special awards catalogue containing 700+ items.

The recipients are also given access to an online awards manager which allows them to manage, store and issue their rewards at any time.

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