Online gift seller links Facebook to its loyalty programme

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on September 26, 2007

Online gift seller links Facebook to its loyalty programme

The US-based online gift seller 1-800-FLOWERS has implemented a new customer loyalty application from Loyalty Lab, called 'Gimme Love'. Interestingly, the application connects customer relationship management (CRM) programmes to Facebook applications and widgets.

In doing so, 1-800-FLOWERS became the first of Loyalty Lab's clients to adopt the new application, linking its Fresh Rewards loyalty programme to Facebook and enabling customers to earn benefits for their activities in the virtual space.

Using the Facebook APIs The application uses the open APIs provided by Facebook and enables retailers and consumer brands to reward their best customers for activities on the popular social networking site.

In the case of 1-800-FLOWERS, the Gimme Love application will reward members of Fresh Rewards for referring their friends to the multi-channel gift retailer.

Creating evangelists "Customer evangelists are a brand's best friend. By bridging their loyalty programmes to social networks, brands can make it easier for their customers to spread the word," explained Mark Goldstein, CEO for Loyalty Lab. "By adapting our best customer management platform to Facebook and other social networks, we're making it easier for brands to acquire their next buyers."

Loyalty Lab's vice president of business development, Pierre R. Wolff, confirmed that with MySpace and other social networking services being expected to follow Facebook's open API path, the company intends to expand the reach of its platform to include other online social gathering places.

Application development Through the new application, Facebook members will be able to earn loyalty points for referrals, purchases, viewing their points balances, and even for showing off virtual versions of their favourite products or recent purchases.

Further applications currently in development can be expected to enable Facebook members who give virtual flowers to also purchase them, as well as earning points or discounts on purchases when friends click on branded links, site referrals, and sweepstake enrolments. Loyalty Lab has posted a short explanatory video on YouTube (click here).

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