Onyx evolves automation of complex customer processes

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on May 11, 2005

Onyx evolves automation of complex customer processes

The CRM provider Onyx Software has announced a strategy to help businesses evolve the automation of complex customer processes - starting with its new Onyx Process Manager Solution, which includes applications for process design and business rules creation.

With the introduction of the process manager and analytical applications, the company says that companies can capture and centralise customer information, execute business processes, and analyse results more easily. The new strategy, based on these applications, was designed to allow businesses to adapt to changes in their market more quickly as well.

According to Janice P. Anderson, CEO for Onyx: "We are addressing a new set of demands from enterprise customers: to help them more effectively and efficiently orchestrate their customer operations. The goal is to better equip them to innovate and adapt, and to grow revenue. Many businesses are now challenged by the complexity of their own processes, as well as the need for frequent change driven by business conditions, increased competition, regulatory requirements and changing customer needs."

Better process management Behind the new strategy are two key products: the Onyx Process Manager (a business process management system designed for customer-related activities) and Onyx Analytics (for customer reporting and analysis) which is based on the Cognos ReportNet platform.

Using these solutions together, Onyx says that an enterprise can capture and centralise information from all its customer interactions, then use that data along with information from other systems to help execute business processes with greater speed and consistency. The enterprise can also then analyse the results of those efforts and adjust its course to improve efficiency, capitalise on new opportunities, and build customer loyalty.

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