Onyx launches instructional government CRM web site

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on December 17, 2004

Onyx launches instructional government CRM web site

Local government employees can now find out about the best tools, services and strategies to use in order to efficiently serve their citizens, and CRM takes on a whole new meaning.

Onyx Software Corporation has launched a new educational website for local government - GovernmentCRM.com. Developed with Microsoft and Unisys, the GovernmentCRM.com website was designed as a resource for local government decision makers to educate themselves on the best tools, services and strategies for their Citizen Response Management or 3-1-1 initiatives. (And there we all were thinking that CRM still stood for Customer Relationship Management!)

Latest resource This internet resource portal is the latest of several outreach programmes that the group of companies has delivered, including educational web casts, newsletters, and government industry events.

"More and more local government decision-makers are beginning to evaluate solutions to more effectively manage non-emergency citizen requests, causing many of them to look at CRM for the first time," explained Scott Padlick, Global Director of Government CRM for Onyx Software.

Single database Onyx markets CitiServe, a CRM solution designed specifically for United States cities and counties to help them respond to, track and measure citizen enquiries. It captures all vital citizen data in a single database, helping to eliminate silos of information and unnecessary handoffs between government departments, allowing the city or county to provide more efficient resolution to citizen issues.

For additional information: ·  Visit GovernmentCRM at http://www.governmentcrm.com ·  Visit Onyx Software at http://www.onyx.com