Orange & EAT offer tasty NFC rewards

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Posted on March 1, 2012

Orange & EAT offer tasty NFC rewards

UK-based mobile phone network operator Orange has launched 'Quick Tap Treats' - a mobile contactless retail reward scheme in partnership with the nation's EAT restaurant chain, allowing Orange customers with NFC enabled mobile phones to benefit from a free EAT treat every day from early March until the end of summer 2012.

Quick Tap Treats allows Orange customers with NFC enabled handsets to simply tap their mobile phone on specially designed posters at any of the country's 110 EAT outlets to receive a free treat every day, with treats ranging from free baguettes to pieces of fruit or free cups of coffee.

The new rewards programme builds on the reported success of the contactless mobile payments service launched by Orange in 2011, the next phase of 'Quick Tap' (the umbrella name used for Orange's UK NFC services).

From its launch, Quick Tap customers will be eligible to receive one of the following 'treat' reward options each day (to which new treats will be added over time):

  • Free ham & cheese baguette;
  • Free small coffee;
  • Free porridge;
  • Free fruit;
  • Hot drink upgrade (small to big);
  • Free mash & gravy with any pie purchased;
  • Breakfast bacon upgrade (small to big);
  • Soup upgrade (small to big).

Quick Tap Treats works using NFC tags featured on specially designed posters in EAT stores throughout the UK. Customers can tap their Quick Tap phone on the poster to play a game in which they can win immediately redeem treats from within the EAT store. The game is also available as a mobile app, downloadable from Orange World, as well as the BlackBerry, Android and OVI app stores.

At the time of its launch, some 200,000 Orange customers in the UK are able to access the Quick Tap programme through their existing NFC handsets, and more will be added over time as more NFC handsets are brought to market. NFC variants of the following handsets from Orange are currently eligible to participate in the programme: Samsung Tocco Lite, Samsung Wave 578, Samsung Galaxy SII, Blackberry 9900, Blackberry 9360, Blackberry 9790, Blackberry 9380, and Acer LiquidExpress.

Customers with NFC handsets have received an SMS informing them about the Quick Tap Treats rewards programme, and a marketing campaign supporting the initiative begins in early March 2012. If any customer is unsure whether they have an eligible Quick Tap handset, they can contact Orange customer services who will be able to advise them, or they can visit a special section of the Orange website to find out.

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