Orange tackles churn with KXEN analytics

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on June 27, 2003

Orange tackles churn with KXEN analytics

The French arm of the global mobile communications operator, Orange, is to use advanced predictive modelling technology from KXEN to identify which customers are most likely to churn in the future, and to target retention programmes at the higher-risk customers.

KXEN met Orange's key requirements by providing efficient, robust, and easy-to-use predictive analytical tools for the task. By running the KXEN predictive model across its entire customer database, Orange France will be able to understand and identify which variables are the most reliable predictors for churn, and therefore which factors are the key drivers of churn.

"In this maturing market, retaining customers is becoming more and more important," noted Jean Philippe Gay, director of direct marketing and customer loyalty for Orange France. "Now we know the customers who are most likely to churn we can allocate appropriate resources to retain them."

"By identifying the high risk customers, Orange can get in before it's too late and make the relevant retention offer," added KXEN's CEO, Roger Haddad. "They can also make sure that offers are not made unnecessarily to customers who aren't likely to switch to a competitor."

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