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Pardon the Education – Loyalty Program Enrollment

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By: Bill Hanifin, CLMP™ |

Posted on November 16, 2023

Quick hitting conversation with Peter Vogel, CRO vPromos

Honing the enrollment process for your Loyalty Program is critical to success, whether at the launch of a program or to sustain healthy onboarding rates over time.

On the surface, the topic seems simple. We compare the loyalty program enrollment process to sending out invitations to a party. By launching the loyalty program, the brand is effectively shouting to the world that “we’re having a party, why don’t you join in?”  Responding to the invitation, the customer just has to RSVP, if they are being polite, or could simply show up at the appointed time.

But hold on a minute. The party example doesn’t fully translate for brand and retail loyalty programs. The enrollment process can be complicated, if not disconcerting, and even carries financial risk if not structured and managed carefully.

This interview with Peter Vogel, CRO vPromos is structured around 7 key questions, and Peter had just 2 minutes maximum to answer each question. Patterned after one of the most watched shows on ESPN, we call the loyalty marketing version of this show Pardon the Education.

We hope you enjoy this format and learn the essentials about program enrollment, the role of mobile apps in loyalty enrollment, POS equipment, and how to stay in TCPA compliance.

Stay. Loyal. Always.