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Loyalty is changing. It’s time for a shift.

A shift away from loyalty programs based solely on transactions. A shift towards strategies that create a meaningful relationship. That’s what Maritz Loyalty solutions are all about.

Today’s consumers are looking for a compelling experience – one that connects with them on a personal level. See how using the four types of loyalty can help you create stronger relationships with your customers.

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Contact Maritz Motivation

Maritz Multi-Loyalty Framework

Everything we create is designed with people at the center.

  • The world’s most successful companies trust us to deliver results by designing new, meaningful ways to engage, inspire, and reward.
  • We’re fascinated by the complex study of human motivation, and how new insights we uncover through our Behavioral Science and Innovation group can inform more intuitive designs.
  • People love our programs, rewards, and platforms because they’re fun to use, easy to manage, and always feel personalized.
  • Our global expertise and scale enables us to translate our knowledge across cultural, language, and technological borders, and to provide participants with exclusive brands and rewards.

Maritz Motivation helps companies drive growth by forming actionable insights that release the untapped potential of any company’s most valuable asset – their people. We connect people to purpose by partnering with Fortune 500 companies to strategize, evaluate, and optimize the way they interact with the people they care most about. Our consumer loyalty, employee engagement, and sales incentive programs enable people to establish and extend themselves through their companies, careers, or favorite brands. Maritz Motivation’s unparalleled industry experience, decades of behavioral science research, and proprietary approach to data allow us to move past just describing and diagnosing vulnerabilities. It allows us to prescribe solutions and predict growth that motivates human performance like no other company in the world. Today, more than 100 million people participate in client programs representing industries that include hospitality, airlines, pharmaceutical, automotive, and financial services. For more information, visit


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