Pass Privilege platform to drive golf loyalty scheme

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on April 10, 2003

Pass Privilege platform to drive golf loyalty scheme

A summer 'Big Shot' loyalty programme for golfers is to be launched this year by Florida-based community builder, WCI Communities, using the Award-Express technology platform from Pass Privilege.

Using the system, WCI will manage its customer loyalty touch-points, including tracking spending, managing promotions with cross-selling and up-selling initiatives, and evaluating in real-time the return on investment (ROI) on customer treatment strategies.

The choice of application was down to budget requirements, and the product's ability to adapt to WCI's existing information technology infrastructure. Having a technology partner with previous customer loyalty experience was also essential, as was a fast deployment time, according to Ed D'Alessandro, vice president (West Coast) for WCI's amenities division.

"We're looking forward to being an integral solutions provider for WCI's amenities marketing team," commented Pass Privilege's president, Brian Marvin. "Award-Express was designed for clients like WCI who strive to enhance their customer loyalty initiatives on a limited budget."

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