Patient relationship management finds ROI

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on February 21, 2004

Three health care providers in the USA have increased their patient volume and revenue using a personalised patient acquisition and retention programme developed by Customer Potential Management Marketing Group (CPM), based on the principles of customer relationship management.

Each of the three health providers have customised CPM's Lifetime Connections programme to fit their own organisational goals. The programme comprises a series of 188 health maintenance reminders designed to keep patients up-to-date with recommended health screenings and immunisations.

Relationship management
The first organisation, a mid-western physician's group, saw a return on investment (ROI) of more than US$100,000, and a 20% improvement in patient response, with its pilot programme designed to improve patient retention. Using customised personalised mail messages to patients, the group sent reminders for recommended screenings and check-ups. The group also needed to test the validity of its patient relationship management (PRM) database. Following the successful pilot scheme, the physicians' group is incorporating additional PRM strategies into its patient retention efforts, and has adapted the pilot programme for its emergent and intermediate care programmes.

In the mid-south, a three-hospital health system continued its ongoing Lifetime Connections programme with a mailing designed to improve patient acquisition, retention, and market share maintenance. The organisation used CPM's analytical software and predictive segmentation tools to understand its market, to narrowly target its audiences, and to create more effective messages. The result was an ROI of US$1 million and a stronger market position.

Intelligent targeting
The third organisation, a six-hospital health system, adjusted its ongoing programme which included quarterly customised newsletters and personal letters to include only individuals who matched the profiles of previous respondents. The organisation also targeted recipients who lived closer to its primary service counties in order to improve response rates with brand recognition. The strategy paid off with a return of more than US$6 million in 18 months.

"Each of these organisations used this strategy to actively build and maintain patient relationships in an era where patients are more involved in their own health care and have more opportunity to switch providers," explained John Hallick, president and CEO for CPM.

A case study, entitled 'Lifetime Connections Build Relationships, Revenue for Three Providers', details these implementations and strategies, and has been made available from CPM's web site.

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