Pay By Touch launches loyalty enrolment kiosks

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on October 31, 2006

Pay By Touch launches loyalty enrolment kiosks

Biometric authentication specialist, Pay By Touch, has launched an internet-enabled rapid enrolment kiosk for loyalty programmes, with future enhancements already being planned to allow consumers to record biometric information as well.

The new internet-enabled Rapid Enroll Kiosk speeds up and streamlines consumer enrolment in loyalty and rewards programmes within a retail environment. The system allows for quick and easy customer sign up, and reduces enrolment processing time and expense for grocers and retailers.

The Rapid Enroll Kiosk was developed by Pay By Touch's Personalised Marketing division, which helps businesses manage loyalty and reward marketing programmes with a full range of enrolment and database services.

Phone number look-ups With the new in-store, internet-enabled enrolment kiosks, customers can sign up quickly, accurately and securely using an integrated 'phone number look-up' application. To use the system, customers simply enter their phone number and a secondary identifier - such as the last three letters of their last name - and their address information is populated automatically. Customers can also choose to manually enter their information through a simple touch-screen process.

The direct input of customer data using the Rapid Enroll Kiosks prevents common enrolment processing issues, including application handwriting legibility, false applications, forgotten stickers and application loss.

Future enhancements The Rapid Enroll Kiosk offers multiple financing options for retailers of all sizes. Pay By Touch Personalised Marketing can create custom reward and loyalty programmes for retailers with no established programme or under-performing programmes in need of revitalisation.

Future enhancements to the kiosk will enable consumers to enrol their biometric information, ultimately removing the need for a physical loyalty card or token.

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