Payback launches multi-channel marketing platform

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on September 28, 2011

Payback launches multi-channel marketing platform

Based in Germany, the Payback coalition loyalty programme has been an efficient platform for customer loyalty and marketing for more than ten years, particularly in the retail sector. But the company has now moved into digital marketing, beginning at the 'Dmexco 2011' in Cologne, showcasing its services for the offline, online and mobile channels.

According to Thomas Heise, head of online sales for Payback media and financial services, advertisers will be able to use the Payback-based multi-channel marketing platform to run accurately targeted and tailored campaigns, integrated across all available channels.

Retailers and consumer goods manufacturers that are committed to the needs of their customers can use the platform to communicate with them at the right time and place, rather than simply bombarding them with mass advertising. In addition, the platform's built-in metrics and reporting help advertisers adapt and achieve the greatest possible ROI.

"Over more than ten years, the Payback programme has built up a strong foundation through its various retail partners, and has positioned itself as a multi-channel platform using the digital and mobile channels," said Heise. "In fact, some 50% of all German households have a Payback card, and the consumer expenditure of these households is up to 27% higher than households without Payback cards."

Payback currently claims membership of approximately 20 million active customers. The existing 22,000 partner-company points of sale, along with some 100 million postal mailings and 300 million e-mail newsletters distributed each year, will also be digitally supported by the programme's online sales platform (, which features more than 450 online shops, the recently launched 'Payback Deals' area, and a mobile app which already boasts some 460,000 downloads. In addition, by the end of 2011, the company expects the number of coupons sent out by Payback to have passed the 1 billion mark.

Payback is also represented in the world of social media, with 250,000 fans of its Facebook fan page. The programme has recently begun offering its marketing services across all channels, not only to official partners but also to the whole advertising industry including media agencies, and is also carrying out commissioned market research surveys via its online panel of more than 115,000 active programme members.

Payback customers in Germany can collect points from over 480 well-known companies and online marketplaces offline, online and on the move, and they can redeem these points for vouchers, rewards or Lufthansa miles, or donate them to aid projects.

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