Peppers & Rogers Group joins with Carlson Marketing

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on August 14, 2003

Peppers & Rogers Group joins with Carlson Marketing

Carlson Marketing Group has formed an agreement to buy out customer-based business strategy consultancy, Peppers & Rogers Group. The Carlson Marketing and Peppers & Rogers Group team will market their customer-based business solutions to global Fortune 500 companies.

In order to strengthen its capabilities and continue growing, Carlson Marketing made the strategic decision to join forces with Peppers & Rogers Group. Both businesses share similar philosophies, and can now provide clients with integrated solutions that deliver customer-focused marketing strategy, programme design, execution, and measurement, all from the same provider.

Smoother execution Peppers & Rogers Group has focused on building customer-based business strategies for over a decade, and welcomes the new deal in terms of project execution. "At times, we have seen our strategies lose some of their power in the translation to execution. Sometimes there's a disconnect because the vendors don't share the same vision," explained Steve Skinner, president for Peppers & Rogers Group.

"In many cases, our clients have been asking us to drive our strategies all the way through execution. The combination of Carlson Marketing and Peppers & Rogers Group will allow us to provide clients with a fully-integrated business solution where the architect and the builder are focused on the same thing – achieving bottom line results for our clients," added Skinner.

Separate identities Both Peppers & Rogers Group and Carlson Marketing Group will maintain their individual identities but will collaborate on solution development in their clients' best interests. Peppers & Rogers Group, which has over 100 employees, will continue to operate under its own name but acting as part of the Carlson Marketing Group. Both firms say they will continue to be 'technology agnostic', remaining flexible in working with any technology deemed most suitable.

For some time Don Peppers, co-founder of Peppers & Rogers Group, has been planning to focus his business development efforts in the UK and Europe. A spokesperson for Peppers & Rogers Group told The Wise Marketer that Peppers has moved - with his family - to the UK this month.

According to co-founder, Martha Rogers, "This is the perfect marriage. In our work with clients across many industries and business models, we have learned that for companies to implement high-impact customer-based business initiatives, they require a clearly defined strategy that is supported by practical, measurable programmes."

"In today's challenging marketplace, companies want an end-to-end solution for the creation and implementation of their customer-centric strategies. They want to see results, and they want one entity to be responsible for creating and delivering them," added Jim Ryan, President and CEO for Carlson Marketing Group.

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