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Performance Marketing Agency, Beeby Clark+Meyler, pushes the boundaries of AI-led advertising with the release of "Ventas-AI", an AI-stack delivering more measurable and rapid Creative Testing and Optimization.

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on June 24, 2024

STAMFORD, CONNECTICUT- June 24, 2024 - (PR Newswire) -- Beeby Clark+Meyler ("BCM"), a leading digital performance marketing agency, has announced the release of "Ventas-AI", an innovative AI-stack designed for creative pre-launch optimization, creative testing, and generative production of improved ad creative. Ventas-AI enables clients to accelerate learning at scale and provide media algorithms, such as Meta's, with the creative signals they need to engage and convert the right audiences.

BCM began the development of its AI-stack in partnership with Omneky, a leading generative AI platform for content development and insights. Ventas-AI leverages this partnership to drive creative insights and learnings previously impossible to achieve through traditional human-scale testing.

"The results have been incredible. BCM can now accelerate creative learning and insights that were not possible through our previous creative testing approaches," said Max Cammarota, Director of Performance Media for Beeby Clark+Meyler. "The Ventas-AI system supercharges multivariate testing, enabling our clients to realize returns, even before spending a single dollar on media, thanks to our pre-launch optimization techniques. BCM's partnership with Omneky has been critical to helping us move our vision for AI-enabled performance marketing forward."

Ventas-AI drastically accelerates the insights obtained from creative testing and optimization – before and after campaign launch – thereby maximizing program performance and ROI more rapidly for BCM's clients.

"With their Ventas-AI product, BCM is at the tip of the spear on AI-led creative optimization and testing. We're thrilled about our partnership with BCM, and bringing Omneky's capabilities to help power their highly performance-driven advertising programs," said Omneky's Chief Operating Officer, Elisa Phillips.

Beeby Clark+Meyler's Ventas-AI is now available for clients looking to elevate their advertising strategies and achieve exceptional results faster. For more information, please contact Michael Clark at mclark@beebyclarkmeyler.com or visit www.beebyclarkmeyler.com.

About Beeby Clark+Meyler

Beeby Clark+Meyler is a leading digital marketing agency specializing in performance marketing and data-driven advertising strategies. With a focus on AI-driven media innovation, advanced analytics and creative solutions, BCM helps clients achieve remarkable results in their digital marketing campaigns.

About Omneky

Omneky is a leading generative AI platform for smarter content development, providing advanced AI solutions to create high-performing, tailored advertising content. Through partnerships with industry-leading companies, Omneky enables advertisers and marketing teams to drive impactful campaigns and maximize their performance.