Personal Shopper rewards referrals with movie tickets

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on August 30, 2005

Personal Shopper rewards referrals with movie tickets

The internet-based personal shopping service provider Personal Shopping Inc. has teamed up with movie ticket provider Fandango Inc. to reward its customers with free movie tickets for their referrals and purchases.

As part of the new programme of rewards, customers will earn two free Fandango-issued movie tickets for each US$50 spend made through the Personal Shopper service.

Customers can also earn tickets by recommending the shopping service to co-workers, family and friends. They earn a free movie ticket when a person they refer joins Personal Shopper and makes their first purchase. Naturally, the referred customer is then also eligible to earn movie tickets for their own purchases and referrals.

Redemption When a Personal Shopper member earns a free Fandango movie ticket they are automatically sent an e-mail message that contains a movie ticket code, which can then be redeemed at the Fandango web site for their choice of movie tickets at participating cinemas across the USA.

Laura Silsby, CEO and founder of Personal Shopper Inc., commented: "We partnered with Fandango to offer our customers a night at the movies as thanks for choosing Personal Shopper as their preferred way to shop."

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