Plug-and-play smart card loyalty showcased

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on March 29, 2003

Plug-and-play smart card loyalty showcased

A new 'plug and play', smart card-based, combined point-of-sale and loyalty card system is being marketed by NCR and TranStar. Featuring NCR's Advanced Store software, RealPOS terminals, and TranStar's gift and loyalty card programme, the duo expect the system to become a retail and POS security standard.

According to TranStar, smart card technology will soon be driving better results for retailers seeking to speed sales and improve both data collection and security.

The TranStar gift and loyalty card system allows retailers customise marketing to individual customers, and to provide instant rewards and benefits for their loyalty.

"Within the last year we have seen a huge surge in interest in marketing programmes and smart card technology, as retailers seek to improve the customer experience and enhance brand loyalty," said TranStar's CEO, Mike Radlovic.

"It's an enormous boost for our efforts to be working with NCR and to have the retail industry embrace the marketing benefits of our plug-and-play customer-driven technology," he added.

"This technology is no longer seen as something of a future," said Richard Mader, executive director of ARTS, the retail industry technology standards group. "It's here, and it's working."

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