Polish coalition loyalty programme to use ID Data

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on December 25, 2002

Polish coalition loyalty programme to use ID Data

The UK-based smart card transaction system supplier, ID Data, has won the contract to supply cards to Poland's new multi-retailer loyalty programme, 'Premium Club', comprising retail partners Statoil, KFC and Pizza Hut.

If the Premium Club programme proves as popular as other coalition loyalty programmes in Europe - such as Nectar and Air Miles - the scheme will undoubtedly be a milestone in Poland's retail sales development. Premium Club is to begin card distribution with 1.4 million cards, which is roughly equal to Warsaw's entire population.

After being awarded the contract to supply loyalty cards for the UK's Nectar programme (Sep. 12, 2002), the company has lined up a number of European loyalty membership schemes for which letters of intent have also been secured, with a combined order value of over £6 million. ID Data is to supply Premium Club cards for an initial contract period of two years.

Retail partners The three initial retail partners in the Premium Club programme are Statoil (with 131 service stations in Poland), Pizza Hut (with 65 outlets), and KFC (with 58 sites). Other major retailers (as yet unnamed) are also expected to join the programme in 2003.

"Premium Club offers unprecedented variety in one card and aims to become the loyalty card of choice for the discerning consumer," said Premium Club's president, Per G Jensen. "This is a significant contract and we look forward to a long-term partnership with ID Data."

Peter Cox, CEO for ID Data, commented, "We believe this successful entry to a rapidly developing Eastern European country will lead to other deals for ID Data in the near future."

For more information: ·  Visit ID Data at http://www.id-data.co.uk ·  Visit Premium Club at http://www.premiumclub.pl (Polish)