Predictive NPS could help eliminate surveys

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on August 21, 2012

Predictive NPS could help eliminate surveys

The US-based enterprise analytics firm Mattersight has expanded its existing Behavioral Analytics service by adding Predictive Net Promoter Score (NPS) Analytics.

The new Predictive NPS Analytics module automatically predicts the NPS score that a customer is likely to give following any interaction, allowing every captured customer interaction to be given an NPS score without requiring the customer to complete a survey.

Standard NPS scoring involves customer surveys at various intervals but, in today's world of consumer data protection, this means getting individual customers to opt-in to surveys, leading to several issues and challenges:

  1. Results that are not actionable, especially at the employee level;  
  2. Small sample sizes that are not statistically valid;  
  3. A survey respondent population that often doesn't match the typical customer population;  
  4. Decreasing survey response rates due to over-surveying and customer survey fatigue;  
  5. The high cost of implementing surveying tools.

Mattersight's predictive analytics approach helps to solve these problems by automatically analysing every second of every captured interaction using proprietary algorithms and behavioural models. The output of this analysis is hundreds of contextually accurate data attributes which are then correlated with customer satisfaction to produce an overall NPS score for every captured interaction.

The Predictive NPS Analytics solution makes use of the company's expertise in managing 'big data', based on the capture over 70 trillion data attributes, the application of more than 2 million algorithms, 250 billion computations, and the processing of over 350TB to produce contextually accurate customer insights.

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