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Prescription for Success: Loyalty Programs in Ukrainian Pharmacies During the War

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on June 1, 2023

How Sparta Loyalty is delivering loyalty for a greater good – Part 3

Editor’s Note:

Sparta Loyalty has created a series of loyalty solutions that are not only helping the sponsoring brands meet objectives, but also supporting humanitarian causes during the war in Ukraine. Cause related marketing is a topic that is important to many people today but the “cause” in Ukraine is unique and impacts a nation of people. In the third installment of this series, we document the solution being provided by Sparta Loyalty to a significant Ukrainian pharmacy chain "Życzymy zdrowia" (Wishing you health). The chain operates around 1,000 outlets and is using Polish-based firm's innovative solution in ways that we have not seen before during times of great conflict.

Since the commencement of the war, Ukrainian businesses have been grappling with immense challenges. According to data from the Ukrainian Retail Association, the number of functioning retail outlets has declined by a staggering 30%, while the remaining 70% operate in a limited capacity.

In such trying times, sustaining the operation of pharmacies and grocery stores is paramount. Logistical predicaments within the country have led to a reduction in the assortment of medicines. Insulin and preparations for patients with chronic diseases are in short supply. Pharmacy owners have transferred their employees to locations closer to their residences, and the government has even permitted final-year students to work in pharmacies. As a result, the number of outlets decreased by only 16% in the first few weeks of the war.

In such conditions, fast and direct communication and customer cooperation have proven to be crucial. Providing up-to-date information on whether a particular outlet is operational and whether necessary medicines are available helps run the business and ensure proper customer service.

The "Życzymy zdrowia" network has partnered with Sparta Loyalty in this area to meet these challenges. The program helps pharmacies in Ukraine identify customer needs and organize direct communication with them. For "Życzymy zdrowia," a loyalty program was essential to better understand their customers' needs and establish better relationships and contact with people who visit their pharmacies.

Sparta Loyalty's loyalty systems, which are currently used by many companies in Ukraine, including restaurants, petrol stations, pharmacies, and shops, are specifically designed to support managing and operating loyalty programs for various industries based on the proprietary platform of the Sparta Loyalty Program.

Tomasz Wawrzynów, CEO of Sparta Loyalty, aptly says, "We hope that the current situation is temporary, that this nightmare will end quickly. We monitor the situation and try to help our partners as much as possible, mainly technologically. Ukrainian companies, despite the war, are looking for new solutions to help them run their business and facilitate communication with customers. Such activities drive the country's economy, create additional jobs, and provide hope for a better tomorrow. That's why companies opt for loyalty programs that work in crises. They helped many companies during the COVID-19 pandemic and now in times of war."

Loyalty programs work best in industries that offer fast-moving products that are constantly needed, such as the pharmaceutical industry. Medicines, medical products, and cosmetics are purchased systematically. Knowing how many products have been sold and who bought them allows for building long-term customer relationships, reminding them of promotions, and offering advantageous discounts. Thanks to data from loyalty programs, it is possible to create individual promotions for each customer based on their purchasing preferences.

Thanks to data from loyalty programs, it is possible to create individual promotions for each customer based on their purchasing preferences. A program is also a tool for direct communication, which the seller can use to present an offer tailored to the participant's needs. This is particularly important in the pharmaceutical industry.

"Now more than ever, we want to help our customers and offer them the best possible conditions," says the management of "Życzymy zdrowia." "We are implementing a loyalty system that will allow us to understand our customers and their needs better. The loyalty program will enable us to establish better relationships and communication with people who come to our pharmacies. We have chosen a solution that has already proven successful in the Ukrainian market and the pharmaceutical industry to ensure that our customers receive what they expect most."

As the war continues to take a toll on Ukrainian businesses, developing knowledge about customer preferences and providing personalized services to maintain customer relationships is vital. This is where loyalty programs come in, and Sparta Loyalty's timely intervention is commendable. Despite the risks associated with doing business in a country affected by military action, Sparta Loyalty did not withdraw from cooperation with Ukrainian companies, believing that the current conditions would strengthen its clients and the company.

"Doing business with companies in a country affected by military operations involves risks. We felt this in the first months after the outbreak of the war. However, we did not withdraw from cooperation with Ukrainian companies. The conditions in which we now live will strengthen not only our customers but loyalty programs The fact that businesses in Ukraine have been facing enormous challenges since the beginning of the war is no secret. The situation is dire, but amidst all this turmoil, one company is stepping up to the plate to provide much-needed support to Ukrainian businesses,” - says Alexander Kubicki, Marketing Director for Sparta Loyalty.

Sparta Loyalty's track record of success in Ukraine across various industries underscores the company's commitment to innovation and excellence in delivering loyalty program solutions. Such efforts help companies maintain their operations, contribute to the country's economic growth, create new jobs, and provide hope for a better future.

As Ukrainian businesses navigate these challenging times, they should continue seeking new solutions and technologies that enable them to serve their customers better and thrive in the face of adversity. The partnership between Sparta Loyalty and "Życzymy zdrowia" is an inspiring example of how such initiatives can drive progress and fuel success amid the turmoil.