Purpose Driven Marketing is Here... for Good

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on October 21, 2020

Consumers are becoming more attuned than ever to the authenticity of the brands they prefer. Research completed since the pandemic took hold in early 2020 supports that consumers increasingly seek to align with brands that share or reflect their personal values.

Purpose Driven Marketing is one way for brands to reinforce their brand message and, in our view, is a path to creating the "emotional loyalty" that is the talk of boardrooms everywhere.

This interview with John McNeel, Co-Founder and CEO, In/PACT, Inc. and Gregg O'Neill, SVP Loyalty Solutions and Business Development, will give you what you need to know about Purpose Driven Marketing, as well as clarify the connections between "PDM" and customer loyalty.

Doing social good is not just in fashion today, it will likely become a centerpiece of brand marketing as we move forward from the pandemic and In/PACT's manifesto eloquently reinforces this notion:

"We believe that the time has come for a new pact, between companies, people and the causes they care about, that erases the boundaries between consumerism, cause advocacy and business success."

John and Gregg have lots of knowledge in this area and we hope you enjoy the discussion.

Video Timestamps for Your Convenience:

  • 4:00 We are living in the age of participation
  • 8:46 Bridging purpose driven and customer loyalty marketing
  • 19:30 Measuring ROI in a purpose driven marketing strategy
  • 26:59 Building community and collaboration

About In/PACT

in/PACT develops cloud-based charitable giving solutions for the financial services and loyalty industries and is headquartered in Charleston, SC. Donations are supported on the in/PACT platform with an optimal consumer experience that provides access to over 1.2 million charities, matching & round-up campaigns, social impact tracking, social media sharing, and tax receipts. 

in/PACT has seen a growing number of U.S. financial institutions sign up for the company's consumer-facing charitable giving platform GoodCoin™. in/PACT signed a strategic commercial agreement in 2017 with an industry leading channel partner. The company also powers charitable giving in the loyalty arena for a major national retailer and for multiple platforms that support credit card loyalty programs.

With digital charitable giving growing at double digit rates, companies and brands are looking for innovative new solutions to help keep charitable giving within their customer ecosystems. We have built scalable technology and programs that can help companies of any size, anywhere in the country.

As our company continues to grow and evolve, one thing always remains constant: our mission to grow the world's heart.