Quantum launches MasterCard incentive card

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on January 13, 2006

Quantum launches MasterCard incentive card

Quantum Loyalty Systems has launched a new stored value MasterCard that provides CPG marketers, quick-serve restaurants, automotive, electronics, gaming & music industries with yet more brand loyalty promotion opportunities.

The new Quantum RewardsCard is essentially a prepaid gift card that marketers can offer to reward their customers or to promote their brand. The card is co-branded with either MasterCard, Visa, or Quantum's own private network.

Wide appeal It is suitable for consumer and business users, including quick-serve restaurants, automotive, consumer finance, consumer electronic manufacturers and those in the movie, gaming and music industries, the company says. Unlike many other incentive card packages, the sponsors only have to pay for the associated reward value of each card when the end user actually activates the card. Rewards that are distributed but not activated incur no expense.

Not always paid up-front Moreover, sponsoring companies need only fund the expected activation amount up-front, not the full perceived value of a specific programme. They also have access to consumer market information that is obtained when the card holder activates their card, and there are no monthly service fees. The reward programme can be delivered in product packaging, handed out, mailed, or even made available to customers online.

Quantum Loyalty Systems' chairman and CEO, Ron Randolph-Wall, commented: "Companies must find new and progressive ways to cost effectively promote and differentiate their brands and products with consumers if they truly are interested in maximising their marketing investment."

Nice touch Quantum's other recent customer reward programmes have included Universal Studio's Kicking and Screaming DVD release, where Universal offered a gift card to targeted consumers, preloaded with a reward of petrol (gasoline) and carrying the tagline: "Go get the DVD and we'll pay for the gas to get you there".

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