Quick Perspective: Let’s Talk About Feelings

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on May 1, 2023

"It comes down to how your customer experiences the brand – and how that brand makes a person feel." - Alex Allwood, Customer Experience Management Consultant, author of Customer Experience is the Brand.

How does your brand make people feel? At its core, the feelings your customers derive from the experiences you create with them is what loyalty is all about. The psychological connections that compel customers to act, such as making another purchase or advocating to a friend to try your brand, are the true predictors of a customer’s lifetime value. Is your loyalty program doing all it can to make members feel good about themselves? About your brand?  About the world around us?

If you can’t answer these questions affirmatively, it may be time to make some different decisions because your brand and loyalty program may be stuck in a transactional loyalty funk that doesn’t feel good to your customers The bar has just been ratcheted up a few notches for today’s savvy marketers. So what we have to say is 'get with the program’ or your customers may just move with their feet – and they are ever so nimble these days!     

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