Re-branding awards highlight impact on loyalty and sales

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on May 19, 2005

Re-branding awards highlight impact on loyalty and sales

The first annual 'ReBrand 100 Awards' have been presented to 100 companies from around the world, representing 11 countries and 45 industries. One interesting result was the conclusion that re-branding has an often positive impact on both customer loyalty and revenue.

The ReBrand 100 judges analyse the 'before and after' states of each re-branding effort and assess the impact on strategic business goals and target markets. According to ReBrand 100 judge, Robert Matza (creative director for Landor): "An effective re-brand goes a long way to reaffirming the loyalty of existing customers while helping to attract new ones."

Aims of re-branding The new award was created to recognise organisations and their branding partners that have successfully enabled a brand to re-emerge with a unique presence, a riveting promise, or a fresh approach. For the purposes of the award, a re-brand is considered to include the repositioning, revitalising, restructuring or redesign of some or all of an existing brand's assets, to address strategic business goals, such as:

  • Better align with shifting customer preferences;
  • Manage a merger, acquisition or change in advertising strategy;
  • Extend products and services into new markets;
  • Showcase efforts for the environment or social responsibility;
  • Establish brand cohesiveness and consistency across media;
  • Revitalise or modernise an existing brand;
  • Spin-off new products/services or develop a sub-brand;
  • Manage changes in internal management structure or culture.

A good year for the UK Among the best brand transformations identified this year are eight UK organisations, the first five of which are located in England:

  1. Target Precision Limited with branding partner Griib Design;
  2. Unilever/Powerbrand with branding partner FutureBrand;
  3. Virgin Mobile Bites Magazine;
  4. Virgin Mobile Underground Store;
  5. Virgin Atlantic Airways for its Upper Class Suite;
  6. The Children's Cottage Home, Ireland;
  7. Kerryfresh with branding partner Enterprise IG, Ireland;
  8. O'Donnell Sweeney Solicitors with branding partner Enterprise IG, Ireland;
  9. The Scottish Enterprise, Scotland

Notable successes Among the winning entries were some notable successes:

  • Adobe Systems' rebrand of its Creative Pro packaging sparked a major round of software upgrades;  
  • Assurant Inc. rebranded to enter the public markets;  
  • L'Oreal's rebranded Redken line saw sales jump 19% in 2004;  
  • Procter & Gamble rebranded Mr. Pringles with a contemporary facelift;  
  • Schroeder's rebrand drove sales of compact pints of milk up 30%;  
  • The UPS Store boosted average daily shipping volume 105% in rebranded stores;  
  • Virgin Atlantic's rebranded Upper Class Suite saw a 45% rise in passengers;  
  • Wachovia Corporation's rebrand increased post-merger brand awareness 27%.

Winners list The full list of winning companies and brands is available from the ReBrand 100 web site. Directed by Anaezi Modu, the competition is judged each year by an international panel of industry experts, and the Centre for Design & Business is a founding sponsor of ReBrand 100.

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