Real-time 'customer intent' management unveiled

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Posted on July 13, 2005

Real-time 'customer intent' management unveiled

A new software solution that focuses on understanding customers' online interactions as they happen allows companies discern the intent of their online customers in real time - and act on it immediately.

Business Signatures Corporation has emerged from a four-year stealth phase to unveil a software solution based on new data management technology. Its Customer Intent Suite sets out to solve three of the biggest challenges facing online businesses today: managing IT infrastructure to provide a robust and responsive customer experience; preventing online fraud to minimize financial losses; and maximizing customer profitability through personalised customer service.

Instantaneous view In order to do this, the developers focused on the one problem not currently being addressed: understanding customers' online interactions as they happen, at scale and at the individual customer and transaction level. Its solution gives companies an instantaneous view of customer intent: what online customers are trying to do in the moment. Armed with this unique insight, companies can act immediately to service, protect and, ultimately, retain their customers.

According to Peter Relan, founder and CEO of Business Signatures: "In the physical world, customer intent is obvious because you can see or talk to customers as they conduct business with you. Discerning actionable customer intent in the online channel is another matter entirely. It requires that you understand customer interactions in real time, at scale, down to the individual customer - and do so securely, without compromising customer privacy. In partnership with some of the world's leaders in online commerce, we've spent the last four years developing and deploying the technology and solutions to achieve this capability."

Milestones of intent The technological innovation behind the product is the Business Signatures Intent Processor, which is based on a new data management technology called "streaming query". Traditional database engines take a "store first, query later" approach for after-the-fact analysis. As ex-Oracle executives, Business Signatures' founders knew that this approach would not work for the Internet. They developed a "query first, store later" solution that can rapidly convert the massive volumes of http data streams generated by a transactional web site into chunks of immediately intelligible information - or "business signatures". These business signatures represent milestones of individual customer intent, such as "add to basket" or "set up funds transfer."

The suite is available as a set of totally non-intrusive, secure solutions. The first solution is Customer Impact Management and focuses on providing a robust and responsive customer experience. Solutions for Fraud and Profit Management are currently in beta test and will launch later this year and early 2006 respectively.

Launch customers include Geico, H&R Block, ING Direct,, TXU Energy and myFamily Inc.

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