Retail loyalty cards to activate mobile coupons

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on January 8, 2008

Retail loyalty cards to activate mobile coupons

Single Touch Interactive has partnered with prepaid card provider InComm to provide consumers with mobile coupons through their retail loyalty cards using standard point of sale equipment that's already in place at some 100,000 US retail stores.

The combination of InComm's existing POS installations with Single Touch's mobile technology means that the mobile coupon platform can be implemented by those retailers without any changes being made to either retailer or customer routine at the point of sale.

Quick, easy, and mobile The new mobile couponing platform, which is tied to an Abbreviated Dial Code (ADC), keeps things simpler for retailers and consumers alike. According to Anthony Macaluso, founder and CEO for Single Touch Interactive, the initial coupon registration process is quick and easy for both consumers and retailers.

Consumers sign up for the loyalty programme-based m-coupon scheme only once, by dialling #SAVE from their mobile phone and then entering their loyalty card number. Alternatively they can sign up online through any participating retailer's web site.

How it works When the consumer visits a participating retail store, they can simply dial #SAVE again to be able to listen to and activate any available mobile coupons. Then, at the checkout, consumers swipe their loyalty card through the POS terminal to benefit from all the discounts available to them.

Brooks Smith, InComm's president and CEO, fees that the new programme uses existing technologies in an intelligent way to provide a solution for both retailers and consumers that want to use mobile coupons. Smith added that the new platform demonstrates how easily ADCs can provide consumers with a simple to understand access point for retail coupons.

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