RFID loyalty card system puts retailers in the know

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on May 19, 2004

RFID loyalty card system puts retailers in the know

A point of service/customer loyalty card solution using RFID (radio frequency identification) chips has been created to allow merchants to read and manage data on customers' cards before they even reach the checkout, with staff being able to read cards using mobile 'wearable' card readers.

The system has been launched by a partnership of IBSS, and the US-based mobile computing and communications firm Xybernaut Corporation, and the private label plastic card producer, Arthur Blank & Company Inc.

The first installation of the new cards is expected to be with a current IBSS customer, Midnight Auto Inc., franchiser of the All Night Auto automotive repair and maintenance shops.

RFID a positive force "We believe that RFID products can be a powerful, positive force in the retail sector over the next three to five years," commented Jake Jacobs, senior vice president of sales for Arthur Blank. "Through this relationship we will have the capability to work with our customers and prospects to recommend RFID/stored value card strategies that can be developed and deployed quickly and easily."

The system is to be demonstrated using a working model which features sample applications to demonstrate point-of-service and customer loyalty RFID card solutions. The IBSS Synapse platform enables the capture, management and communication of data. Associated hardware includes a Xybernaut ServicePoint mobile 'wearable' server and two Xybernaut Atigo portable flat panel computers with built-in RFID readers.

Seeing the customer coming "RFID point-of-service is potentially a lucrative new category for IBSS," explained Don Futch, vice president of business development for IBSS. "The system has infinite applications: fast-food retailers can identify card-carrying customers as they approach the counter or drive-through window; retailers can know how much store credit customers have in their account, what their past five orders consisted of, and whether they are entitled to any special discounts; and the customer can pay for their order by waving their card at an RFID antenna."

According to Futch, the system lends itself to unmanned customer loyalty kiosks where frequent customers can redeem points from their card for movie passes, free food certificates, or a range of other rewards.

For additional information: ·  Visit IBSS at http://www.ibss.net ·  Visit Arthur Blank at http://www.arthurblank.com ·  Visit Xybernaut at http://www.xybernaut.com