RFid loyalty programme for restaurants

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on May 13, 2002

RFid loyalty programme for restaurants

Dallas-based Integrity For You (IFY) is introducing a new loyalty programme that is based on RFid tags instead of cards. The programme will initially be targeted at chain and individual restaurants.

The programme, Personal Recognition, consists of three main parts: an RFid tag, a transaction management system and scripted personal contact and correspondence with the customers.

The RFid tag - similar technology to that used by Mobil for its SpeedPass - is from Texas Instruments. Programme members are given a sticker in which the RFid chip is embedded. The sticker can be attached to any object chosen by the customer - a card, driver's licence, wallet or even mobile phone. At the point of sale, the sticker is passed over an RFid reader. This identifies the customer and links him or her to the transaction, facilitating payment by any chosen payment method, eliminating the need to carry cards or cash. Customer participation is by invitation.

The transaction management system is by Commerce Systems, the developer and operator of 2Scoot. As well as processing the cashless payment, this also extends time sensitive promotional or recognition offers to the customer, processes them as the customer dines, and stores the data.

Each restaurant can opt to customise additional contact, such as follow-up phone surveys, restaurant events and targeted correspondence. According to Michael Lowenstein, managing director of Customer Retention Associates - a company providing support and guidance to IFY, "Loyalty is not dependent on satisfaction - companies need to proactively seek feedback. This system will allow them to do just that.

More information: www.integrityforyou.com www.ti.com www.2scoot.com www.customerloyalty.org