Russian loyalty coalition exceeds expectations

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on June 27, 2006

Russian loyalty coalition exceeds expectations

The European loyalty systems provider Comarch has reported back to The Wise Marketer on the success of the Russian 'Malina' coalition loyalty programme following the project's completion and consumer launch, along with plans for the programme's future expansion.

The Malina programme is initially being used by five coalition partners: the Rosinter (a restaurant chain), Ramstor (a retail chain), Vympelcom (a telecommunications operator), '36.6' (pharmacies), and BP-TNK (petrol stations).

How Malina works Consumers can register with the programme through any of the partners, or through the programme's web site. They then receive a uniquely numbered loyalty card, and earn Malina reward points for each transaction at a partner outlet (when the card is presented at the point of sale). As expected, points can later be redeemed for prizes.

The programme has turned out to be very popular in its early stages, Comarch reports, supported by the rapidly growing number of new members and loyalty card transactions.

Loyalty platform Comarch used its experience setting up loyalty programmes in other world markets to implement the Comarch Loyalty Management platform for the new Malina programme in Russia. Apart from implementing the loyalty platform itself, the company also installed Comarch Contactcentre, B2C WebPortal and Comarch Logistic applications to support the programme.

Global expansion The rapid growth of the Malina programme in its first two months has surpassed all expectations. In the very near future - by the end of 2006 - the company says it plans to enter new markets, including the United States.

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