Saab offers customers one-to-one cars

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on March 20, 2002

Saab offers customers one-to-one cars

An increasing number of Saab's customers want cars built to their own specifications. Saab now has an agreement with Hirsch to do just that. 

Bringing one to one marketing to the showroom, Saab Automobile has entered into a long-term agreement with Hirsch Performance to provide performance and styling enhancements for Saab customers. Saab has identified a growing number of customers who would like their cars customised to their own specifications. Hirsch, a company that has long experience of customising Saab cars, will ensure that customers wishes are met in a way that doesn't devalue the Saab brand.

The programme will be available in Europe from July. Saab Cars USA is currently considering whether to make the programme available in the US or not. The modifications are not simply cosmetic - they include engine and chassis upgrades, enhanced suspension, and even different seats, fascia and interior trim.

Some of the items could be fitted by Saab dealers, others will be fitted at special "Saab Performance by Hirsch" centres. The products and work will be guaranteed by Saab and Hirsch.