Safeway launches loyalty-based charity donations

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on March 6, 2006

Safeway launches loyalty-based charity donations

In the USA, Safeway has launched a 'Shop & Care' programme that allows consumers to donate savings on their groceries to charitable and non-profit causes of their choice.

Through the programme, Safeway customers can accumulate donations when they purchase designated products (sponsored by food manufacturers and other suppliers). At the end of the programme, customers will be able to allocate their Shop & Care dollars to a specific organisation chosen from a broad list of approved charities. The programme is running for the complete month of March 2006, and is said to have the potential to provide a total donation of US$1 million.

Tied to the loyalty card When customers purchase participating products using their Safeway Club Card, or the loyalty card of any other Safeway company, they accumulate a donation of up to 10% of the net purchase price. Participating products are clearly marked by store signs and shelf tags. Other media, including in-store radio broadcasts, are also being used to tell customers about the programme.

According to Larree Renda, executive vice president and chief administrative officer for Safeway, "By giving customers the power to direct donations, we help them become more involved in the donation process, and we learn more about what charitable organisations are important to them."

Redemption process When the month-long programme ends, customers shopping at Safeway stores will receive a check out receipt showing the dollar amount accumulated, along with instructions on how to donate the funds to charities in one of four categories:

  1. Hunger Relief, such as food banks, soup kitchens and meal delivery programmes.  
  2. Education and Culture, including after-school programmes, tutoring programmes, museums and youth organisations.  
  3. Health and Human Services, such as health clinics, domestic violence shelters, and medical or dental programmes for low-income families.  
  4. Special Needs, including organisations such as the Special Olympics, independent living programmes, and employment programmes for the disabled.

The categories, which correspond with key areas of Safeway's existing charitable outreach, cover a variety of non-profit organisations and community-based efforts. The specific charities in each category will reflect the needs and services in each local community.

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