Sainsbury's gains from LMG's data analytics

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Posted on July 15, 2008

Sainsbury's gains from LMG's data analytics

A data analytics tool from the UK-based Nectar operator, Loyalty Management Group, which allows companies to gain additional insights into product sales has been launched within Sainsbury's supermarkets, and a number of other UK FMCG brands are reported to have also signed up.

According to LMG, companies including Nestle, Unilever, Arla, Kimberly Clark, and Birds Eye were among the first FMCG firms to gain insights into Sainsbury's customers' shopping trends, thanks to the new Self Serve system.

Nectar data linkage Self Serve has been providing ongoing analysis of Sainsbury's till figures, overlaid with Nectar customer data, direct to FMCG manufacturers via an online portal. Users of the system have access to analysis drawn from all of Nectar's customer data, allowing them to analyse the 360 million transactions made each year by around half of the UK's households.

Naturally, the system provides access only to generalised trend data, and LMG stresses that no individual customer details are ever released. The company developed the tool to allow partners such as Sainsbury's to analyse any individual day's shopping at store level, and to help FMCG companies to improve the management of their marketing promotions and campaigns, product launches, ranging, and even product availability in stores.

Near real-time analysis Apart from building and displaying its management reports in a matter of minutes rather than hours, the system also makes live data available in as little as two days after the end of each trading week, LMG reported.

Self Serve consists of seven modules, each of which provides a different set of customer insights. Two modules ('Brand Health Check' and 'Ranging') have already been launched, and five additional modules are expected to be rolled out by September 2008.

According to Mike Coupe, trading director for Sainsbury's, "The launch of Self Serve is an exciting development for us, as it will give all levels of the business simpler and faster access to shopping trends. We expect it to become integral to many of our decision making processes and look forward to an even greater number of our suppliers signing up for it over the coming months".

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