Sainsbury's trials price-matching technology

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By: Wise Marketer Staff |

Posted on August 30, 2011

Sainsbury's trials price-matching technology

UK supermarket chain Sainsbury's has launched a trial of its new 'Brand Match' price matching technology in outlets in Northern Ireland, guaranteeing to meet the lowest prices of competitors Tesco and Asda on over 12,000 branded grocery items.

As far as the customer is concerned, there are three simple steps in the process: First, the customer does their shopping in a Sainsbury's store, then the price matching system works out the difference in price with Tesco and Asda for the same branded goods, and finally the customer is immediately given that price difference as a coupon that can be redeemed against their next shopping bill at Sainsbury's.

The Sainsbury's Brand Match trial is initially being tested in the company's 12 Northern Irish stores.

Using independent price data, the system instantly calculates the cost of a customer's basket of branded grocery goods compared to the cost of the same branded basket at Asda and Tesco, even including any promotional deals they are currently offering.

If the branded grocery basket would have been cheaper elsewhere, shoppers receive a coupon for the difference in price between Sainsbury's and either Asda or Tesco (depending on which is the cheapest).

Customers need to spend £20 or more and buy at least one comparable branded grocery item to benefit from the Brand Match offering. Shoppers can then use multiple Sainsbury's Brand Match coupons in a single transaction, as long as the coupon values are different.

Grocery brands that are on special promotional deals in Asda and Tesco will be included in Sainsbury's Brand Match providing the appropriate number of items are bought (i.e. to qualify for a match against an Asda or Tesco 'buy one get one free' offer, the customer would need to have two of the same items in their basket at Sainsbury's).

Coupons are valid for 14 days from the issue date, and can currently be redeemed in all Sainsbury's stores throughout Northern Ireland.

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