SCTN unveils next generation loyalty system

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Posted on April 5, 2004

SCTN unveils next generation loyalty system

Smart Chip Technologies (SCTN) has announced a new end-to-end loyalty programme management system, 'e-llegiance', which also utilises Loyalty Central programme management software and an internet-based user interface via

The new loyalty system will be presented live at the forthcoming Electronic Transactions Association Annual Meeting and Expo in Las Vegas, USA, from 20th to 22nd April, 2004 (click here for conference info.).

R&D investment "After investing US$30 million in both our 4 year smart card loyalty-and-cause programme production pilot, and 3 years of additional product development, we are excited to launch our full-featured loyalty system," said SCTN's chairman and CEO, David Simon, who has been the chief architect of the product suite over the past few years.

The host portion of the software has been built using Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE), which allows it to work on various hardware, operating systems, and database platforms, making it more appealing to prospective customers and also easier to customise and maintain.

Patented technique The system also makes use of the firm's patented method of storing loyalty directly on the chip, enabling immediate offline award redemption.

Engineered for EMV, GlobalPlatform, and MULTOS compliance for electronic payments integration, the loyalty system will work with existing magnetic-stripe and bar code cards, any point-of-sale (POS) terminal, and will also run on the next generation of mobile commerce devices (including smart cards, handheld PDAs, laptops, TV set top boxes, smart key fobs, and mobile phones).

Loyalty features The loyalty solution offers points and discounts, rewards and 'cause fund raising', online and offline transactions, tender independence, full support for multiple languages and currencies, and has been designed for integration with applications such as CRM, transit, gaming, access, and security.

"This system is perfectly timed for the market because it allows a client to use smart cards in the same programme with bar codes or magnetic stripe cards," said Catherine Johnston, president and CEO for the Advanced Card Technology Association of Canada. "Given that financial card transactions are now becoming smart-chip based for enhanced security, SCTN offers a future-proof means of managing all customer loyalty programmes on a single platform under patent-protection ... Both retailers and consumers will benefit."

System composition e-llegiance is the loyalty application that runs on smart chips, devices, and POS terminals. Loyalty Central software and back office operations provide complete rewards programme management, transaction processing, and accounting services. The internet-based user-interface is handled via

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